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Five hurt in Malmo shooting; not terrorism-related, say police

Taking in between 50 and 60 cats every year, a Libyan man has turned part of his home in Tripoli into a shelter for strays

Since his election, Trump has repeatedly vowed to send people back to the Moon for the first time since 1972 and cut regulations in the process private companies must go through before launching a rocket or satellite

Yayoi Kusama first presented "Narcissus Garden" at the 1966 Venice Biennale. On July 1, it comes to the Rockaways.

Padres de niños que murieron en sismo de México reclaman justicia, por @SofiaMiselem #AFP

U.S. regulator to send observer for Tesla probe of Model S fire

ICYMI: 'The Incredibles' return to superhero spandex after 14 years

On @Breakingviews TV: Years after shutting its Chinese search engine, Google has taken a $550 million stake in Here’s @rob_cyran:

Hobbyists in Croatia build largest model railway in southeast Europe

Macron scolds teen for asking 'How's it going, Manu?'

Bolsa argentina se desploma, aunque la moneda frena su caída #AFP

#ÚLTIMAHORA La Justicia de Ecuador vincula a Rafael Correa en causa por secuestro de opositor (fiscalía) #AFP

Fujifilm sues Xerox for well over $1 billion after aborted merger