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#ÚLTIMAHORA Nuevas protestas en Santiago de Chile pese a "estado de Emergencia" (AFP) #AFP pic.twitter.com/8RcUWdfd5U

A 22-year-old Roman sculptor is bringing the dead tree stumps in the Italian capital back to life by carving them reut.rs/2qsywtU pic.twitter.com/pAOuOXmrBF

La historia familiar del Chapo Guzmán, escándalos por lujos y desgracias #AFP u.afp.com/JzwM@nataliacanoMX pic.twitter.com/1GfIXGiThA

In Christiansburg, the small Virginia town chosen as Wing's test location, the 22,000 residents can order products normally shipped by FedEx, medicine from Walgreens and a selection of candy from a local business -- all of which will arrive via drone u.afp.com/JzSH

British protesters lampoon the 'Lucifer' of Brexit and his billionaire backers reuters.com/article/us-bri… pic.twitter.com/O9lfPffNlb

⚡️ UK parliament votes to force #Brexit delay reut.rs/2MrK2y2

Canada's Trudeau, main rival exchange attacks as campaign grinds to an end reut.rs/2pDQPeZ pic.twitter.com/Q2WilyFFD3

It's not a video game, a superhero or the title of a Grateful Dead song: A new variety of apple, called the Cosmic Crisp, is coming to a grocery store near you Dec. 1. apne.ws/4ZRZZ8A

“We’re thinking this is possibly the new Schoolhouse Rock.” From student government to drama class, TikTok is being embraced at high schools across the U.S. by students and educators alike for the creativity it inspires. nyti.ms/32qlX0d

⚽ El tridente Messi, Suárez, Griezmann pone al Barça líder provisional #AFP u.afp.com/JzSj pic.twitter.com/EusLCbsoBE

Putin and Merkel discussed Syria, Ukraine and Libya in phone call: Kremlin reuters.com/article/us-syr… pic.twitter.com/Us7HifnWHF

La CUP se sitúa en la cabecera de la protesta para pedir la dimisión de Buch #cataluña bit.ly/2MRDhoi

Goerges sets up Ostapenko showdown in Luxembourg final reut.rs/2PcgN4n pic.twitter.com/81FCQ0ONBU

Dirty tactics and awkward moments dominate Canada's meandering campaign reuters.com/article/us-can… pic.twitter.com/gvDtqPPGoG

Hikers recently found an almost fully intact skeleton with disintegrating leather shoes and a belt in a remote part of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Investigators could turn to carbon and DNA tests or forensic genealogy to identify the remains. nyti.ms/2BpmS59

Newly freed from the restraints of her previous post, where she would have had to guard her language, Lagarde said, "market stability should not be the subject of a tweet here, a tweet there" u.afp.com/JzSr