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“We’re thinking this is possibly the new Schoolhouse Rock.” From student government to drama class, TikTok is being embraced at high schools across the U.S. by students and educators alike for the creativity it inspires. nyti.ms/32qlX0d

⚽ El tridente Messi, Suárez, Griezmann pone al Barça líder provisional #AFP u.afp.com/JzSj pic.twitter.com/EusLCbsoBE

Putin and Merkel discussed Syria, Ukraine and Libya in phone call: Kremlin reuters.com/article/us-syr… pic.twitter.com/Us7HifnWHF

La CUP se sitúa en la cabecera de la protesta para pedir la dimisión de Buch #cataluña bit.ly/2MRDhoi